Magic Mirror

Magic Mirror

The layers of Magic Mirror, developed based on chromium, are deposited using a cathodic sputtering technique. Unlike mirrors based on silver, Magic Mirror can be toughened and exposed to damp environments for prolonged periods of time. These features considerably extend its range of possible applications.


Thanks to the innovations of Magic Mirror, Glass is able to offer a real advance for architects who have long been dependent on mirrors to finish off the façades of buildings or to decorate the interiors.

Given that it can be converted in so many ways, Magic Mirror is suitable for a large range of applications, both inside and outside of buildings. It is a favorite among architects and interior decorators, practically all of whom enjoy using mirrors to transform and decorate rooms, to increase the feeling of space, and to play on the light and sense of perspective

Distressed Mirror

ADARO specialises in the manufacture and supply of Distressed mirror glass for feature walls, bathroom and kitchen splashbacks, furniture and a variety of decorative applications.
Artwork and abstract panel configurations including Distressed Mirror Tiles We offer a comprehensive measuring and fitting service, we ensure a First Time Fit more than 98% of the time by conducting accurate surveys and re-checking panel sizes to ensure they meet industry-standard glass tolerance.
Our art and graphic design team are able to provide abstract panel configurations or graphical representations of mirror projects, delivered to you via email where required. ADARO also offers a wide range of traditional and contemporary styles of Distressed mirror tiles, and in a variety of sizes.
We also offer an expanding portfolio of limited-edition artworks and designs using both plain and Distressed mirror glass. Designed and made in-house by our fine artist and graphic design team, these pieces can be developed for bespoke commissions.

LED Mirrors

Branded by ADARO, Mirror LED Wall Mount Lighted Vanity Bathroom Mirror 100% High Quality Perfectly round and well lit are just two of the features prominent with this wall mounted LED lit vanity mirror. Ideal for makeup and hair, this piece is a necessity for those who strive for perfection and unparalleled beauty in their personal appearance.

Works on Home Décor Products Bathroom mirrors are an essential part of the modern bathroom. The bathroom mirrors with LED are not just for style, but they are also useful to illuminate your bathroom aesthetically. A LED bathroom mirror will give you the most accurate reflection. You can coordinate and design the theme of your bathroom with these LED mirrors. The LED bathroom mirrors have grown in popularity during the recent years. And LED bathroom mirrors change its appearance.

If you've been looking for a LED lighted wall bathroom mirror, look no further than ADARO Glass and Mirror's Wall Mounted High Quality LED Lighted Vanity Mirror. This Different shaped, high-quality crystal clear mirror measures various sizes and features a super bright LED light that lasts 50,000 hours on average, making it the perfect lighting for putting on makeup and hair styling, as well as shaving, while still being easy to clean. You'll have more than enough light to see everything you need to. This wall mounted lighted vanity mirror led rivals almost any wall mount makeup mirrors you can find. The energy-efficient white LED lights turn on and off easily on the LED strip on the mirror, features that are highly popular on LED & Touch Light Mirrors. This stylish polished edge mirror arrives in safety packaging and has guaranteed delivery backed by FedEx and includes instructions and wall mount hardware for easy DIY (Do it yourself) assembly.

Mirror Deffoger

Mirror Defoggers offer a safe and easy way to keep mirrors steam free. The mirror defogger is self-adhesive and is mounted directly on to the reverse side of the mirror. They are energy efficient due to their low energy consumption. This is a fantastic upgrade for every bathroom.

Key Benefits

  • Convenient installation
  • Discreet with concealed cable kit
  • Even heat with rapid heat-up & energy efficiency