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Adaro is India’s premier decorative glass solutions provider and has been continuously introducing new range of Decorative Art Glasses for the architectural sector over the last several years.

Adaro has emerged as a turnkey solution provider to the architects for executing interior and exterior projects from conceptualizing in terms of selection of the glass, design and installation. The company has full-fledged equipments & manpower required to backup to the customers for the architectural glass solutions.

Adaro is equipped with in-house Lamination machine, Edge Polish machine, Etching, Painting etc. With it’s expertise in lamination, Adaro has introduced the Fabric Laminated glasses, Laminated Mirrors, EVA Fx glasses with Onyx finishes, EVA Holo Glasses with 3D designs, etc. with a wide and exclusive range of interlayer’s to remain ahead of competition. Adaro utilizes the know-how acquired over the past few years to provide a high level of customer satisfaction and after-sales service for the complete project.

For Innovative Glass solutions, which are offered to our customers, such as the “EVA smart” glass (Switchable Smart glass) & “EVA led” (LED glass), very high end & high quality products, the company has tied up with several multinational companies, with technical know-how and support. Through these product ranges, ADARO has been able to establish an excellent relationship with interior design firms, architects, project management companies and interior contractor across India.

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