Laminated Glass

Safety Glass Fabrication

Adaro specializes in the fabrication of technologically advanced structural glass products to meet the demanding standards of the architectural and design communities worldwide. Our unique ability to successfully execute challenging large-scale projects has earned us a reputation as the leading source of highest quality glass fins, canopies, skylights and glass floors available anywhere. At Adaro we welcome the opportunity to envision, innovate and expand the envelope of what is possible.

Product Range :
  • EVA
  • Bent toughened lamination
  • Colorful range of lamination
  • Fabrics / Wire mesh / Any substrate

Switchable Glass

Adaro utilizes the most advanced liquid crystal technology in our Switchable Privacy Glass to create surfaces which can transform from optically clear to translucent white at the flip of a switch. Ideal for institutional, commercial and custom residential applications, Adaro Switchable Privacy Glass provides practical and aesthetic solutions for any space.

With capacity for producing laminated pieces up to 60" x 120" in size, Adaro offers the architectural and design communities a cost effective means by which to achieve truly unique design concepts. From bullet-proof security glass to ultra-modern residential and commercial office applications, Adaro Switchable Privacy Glass brings a striking visual visual element to any project.

Get in Color!
Our privacy glass is available in combination with any of our colored glass. Not sure what color to get? Our Adaro Color box makes the choice easy.

Bent Glass

At ADARO, the science of bending glass has been elevated to an art form. With over the years of experience, we have built our reputation on an ability to execute the most challenging, highly technical bent, bent laminated and bent dual-glazed projects in the Architectural monument. Our complete bending facility and extensive inventory of colors and textures allow us to offer the widest possible range of solutions wherever safety, energy efficiency and design considerations are paramount.

Product Range :
  • 90 Degree Bent
  • Bent Toughened
  • Full Circle Bent
  • Shape Bent