Saint-Gobain Inspire Series

The Color Toolbox

The Color Toolbox™ includes
4 New colours + 21 Basic Colors = Endless Combinations

With our Adaro Color Toolbox™ you can create over 6 million tons of colored glass. Want something that looks like the depths of the ocean? Try Atoll blue. What looks like a harvest sunset? Try Solar Yellow + Fusion Orange + Flame Red.

Our palette of decorative glass colors allows you to take control and create whatever range your project needs. Ideal for retail and commercial applications, we give you the ability to meet the needs of even the most particular client. With a max size of 96x144 we are able to bring colored glass to even the largest of spaces. Our product range.

Product Range :
  • Planilaque Stylish Gloss
  • Planisilk Magical Silk
  • Planistrong
  • Planiclip

Stunning Frameless Showers

- From Saint-Gobain, By Adaro

Indian Manufactured complaint to all current building regulation. All bespoke made to ensure a perfect fit. A variety of glass type and finishes, including Decor, Timeless, and easy clean coatings.

Glass in bathrooms and showers to give that beautiful touch and timeless finish
At the ADARO we provide a complete solution to all your glass requirements in showers and bathrooms. From beautifully designed shower enclosures and shower screens, we want to work with you to create stunning bathrooms.

We provide a complete measure supply and fit service, with particular attention to detail to suit your requirements. We use state of the art technology such as waterjet cutting, and CNC precision to create products that are truly one of a kind, we believe our experience and expertise will achieve results that are timeless.

  • SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS has launched SGG TIMELESS, a highly advanced glass for shower panels and bath screens with longer lasting clarity and easy cleaning.

    For the home or the hotel, SGG TIMELESS not only offers high performance and superb neutral transparency but its specially developed micro-coating means water slips off its surface, repelling limescale and keeping the shine, as well as drastically cutting cleaning time. SGG TIMELESS is also covered by a ten-year warranty for its anti-corrosion qualities.

  • SGG DECORGLASS is a patterned glass which has a texture on one of its surface. Available in a wide range of patterns and colors, it provides a wide choice of styles and variations for diverse types of application: Doors, shower screens etc.

  • SGG Decorglass range is intented for a diverse variety of applications.

  • SGG Decor Glass subtly transmits and diffuses light, creating interior ambiances for all styles: conventional, modern or contemporary SGG Decor Glass seperates areas, whilst providing maximum light and privacy. This helps to:

    • Give the feeling of increased space in smaller living areas by diffusing and spreading light
    • Create a relaxed and intimate atmosphere by screening direct sight or vision

  • SGG Decor Glass is easy to keep clean.
    Abrasives tools require with the above products

    • Saint gobain hardware
    • SGG Silicon Ultra fix
    • SGG masking protective tape

Stunning frameless partitions

- From Saint-Gobain, By Adaro

Frameless glass partition for Offices and commercial

Glass partitions in offices is the most elegant way to refurbish your office space. Glass partitions provide a stunning way to divide your space elegantly. Our complete service for internal glass partitions gives you flexibility in design and beauty. Choose from different glass types, finishes and layouts to create the perfect partition. Glass provides a layer of beauty and comfort to any environment and combined with our eye for detail we are sure that we can create a finish that is designed to impress.